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NIIT Andheri East

Hello : 820 14 68 , 835 50 99

Our History

        We started our operations in March 1996, in the premises of Chinai College , Andheri(East).  The area of operation is education & the field of education is Information Technology. We provide training in the field of IT with an objective of providing education to students, the level & quality of education should be consistent.

Our Vision


        We, NIIT, Believe that our growth is the Derative of the growth of each one of us, IT is the duty of each one of us to espouse and give active effect to the Value , Motives and Beliefs we state here.


      We have positive regard for each one of us.

      We will   Foster , Career - Building by creating opportunities that demand learning , thinking and innovation from each one of us.

      We expect each of us to contribute to the process of organization building and thus derive pride , loyalty and emotional ownership

       We recognize the necessity of making mistakes and Risk - Taking when it contributes to the Learning,  Innovation and Growth of each one of us.